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7th Inning Stretch

Artisan peanut butter frosting donut topped with caramel popcorn & candied peanuts. A home run in every bite! 


Merley Maple

Custom-recipe maple frosted long john donut dedicated to Steve Merley, America’s best neighbor. 

Just The Cake

Classic cake donut, perfect for dipping in your coffee.

Powdered Sugar Donut

Classic cake donut with fluffy powdered sugar.

Cinnamon Sugar Cake

Cake donut dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Classic Glazed

Keep it simple with this delicious treat.

Peanut Butter Crunch

Our signature peanut butter frosting with peanut butter Captain Crunch.


A classic cake donut with caramel frosting topped with crushed Butterfingers.

Peanut Butter Bacon

Our signature peanut butter icing sprinkled with salty bacon.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon donut with Cinnamon Toast Crunch sprinkled on top.

Pink Surprise

Rotating frosting surprise topped with pink sprinkles. Guess that flavor! 

Chocolate Frosted

Round raised donut with fudge chocolate frosting.

Hot! Chocolate

Chocolate cake donut with serrano & habanero chocolate.

The 4th of Julindy

Devil’s food chocolate base with chocolate frosting & sprinkles.

Chocolate Lover's

Devil’s food chocolate base with chocolate frosting.

Oreo Delight

A cookies n’ cream frosting with oodles of Oreos.

Cookie Monster

A chocolate donut coated in Oreo icing and smothered with Chips Ahoy cookie crumbles. 

Chocolate Orange Donut

Devil’s food chocolate base with orange zest glaze.

Fruity Pebbles

Chocolate cake donut with custom Fruity Pebble frosting, and sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles.

Sour Cream Old-Fashioned Glazed

An elevated old-fashioned donut.

Old-Fashioned Maple

Tastes better than a stack of pancakes!

Chocolate Sour Cream Old-Fashioned

An elevated and chocolatey old-fashioned donut.


Jelly filled donut with artisan peanut butter frosting.

The King

Banana cream filling with peanut butter icing and chocolate chunks.

Bavarian Cream Chocolate Frosting

Fudge frosting coated donut filled with Bavarian Cream.

Powdered Sugar with Berry Filling

Fluffy powdered donut filled with beautiful berries.

Liberty Lemon

Glazed donut with liberty lemon filling.

Blueberry Lemon

Liberty Lemon Donut filled with blueberry lemon pudding. 

Daily Fritter

A delicious fritter with fillings on a rotating basis.


Merley maple with candied maples sprinkled atop.

Maple Bacon

A Merley Maple donut generously topped with bacon.

Chocolate Bar

A fluffy base with delicious chocolate frosting.

Cinnamon Sugar Twist

Cinnamon sugar with a twist.

Southern Apple Braid

A classic braid with caramelized apple and cinnamon frosting. 

Cinnamon Roll

A cinnamon roll with classic icing. 

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